From: Bruce D. Johnson
Subject: Learning How to Lead People Who Don’t Think, Act and Feel Like You

Dear friend,

As you know, being a leader is one of the most exciting opportunities you and I get to experience in this lifetime. Assembling a team of people, inspiring them to do something great, and then leveraging their talent to achieve some worthy pursuit is one of the truly great experiences of life.

However, whenever you or I put people into any equation, bad things can happen. Why? Because people are people. And they don’t always want to do what we want them to do. Or do what we want them to do the way we want them to do it. Or even to do what we want them to do for the reasons we want  them to do them for. All of which makes your job and mine as leaders incredibly difficult. In other words …

Being a Leader Is Both One of the Most Exciting Experiences of Life–As Well As One of the Most Frustrating

What complicates this is most leaders make two huge gargantuan mistakes whenever they’re leading any group of people.

  1. They tend to lead everyone the same way
  2. The way they like to lead everyone is the same way they like to be led

Both of these choices significantly hinder the effectiveness and productivity of any team of people–let alone create all kinds of conflict between the leader and their people.

Bruce is one of the most effective leaders and executive coaches I’ve ever met. Plus, his ability to quickly assess people and then use that information to help me lead my team has been invaluable to me.” — Mark Wilkinson, Journeys Crossing

But enough about leadership in general, let’s be more specific about you and your situation.  Do you ever feel frustrated …

If so, then you know that those frustrations haven’t just taken an emotional toll on you, they’ve hindered your business (or organization or business unit or firm or non-profit etc.).

Just Imagine for a Moment What the Cost of All This Has Been for You, Your Business, Your Employees, and Your Profits

Think for a moment about how much time you’ve wasted in extra meetings or trying to resolve conflict between staff members (or them with you). Think about how much time, effort and money has been wasted (including training) because you hired someone who wasn’t the right personality type for the job.

“I hired Bruce because I had a strong team that consistently worked with a fair amount of conflict. Within a short span of time, most of the conflicts were eliminated and my team was working well together-all headed in the same direction. I’ve found significant value in Bruce and his insights into both people and leadership.” – Nate Evans, CEO, Maple Life Financial

Or think about how much money you’ve lost because you weren’t utilizing the right people in the right positions. Or think about how much productivity has been lost because you’ve asked people to do what they’re not wired to do. It’s a pretty big number, isn’t it? At a minimum, it’s probably in the tens of thousands. But more probably, it’s in the hundreds of thousands (or beyond)

Now Imagine … What If You Could Eliminate Almost All of That?

What if you had the ability to quickly speedread anyone you were interacting with and could almost instantly know

What if you could do that? What would that mean to you? And not just at work, but also with your family and other relationships? With your community of faith or favorite non-profit organization? Or with coaching a sports league? What would that be worth to you?

And the Good News is … There Is a Tool For Doing This

Before my current career as a business growth strategist and leadership expert, I used to be the pastor of a large church that I started with two families that grew to two thousand people and $2.7M in revenues. But back in 1992, I was a frustrated newbie leader who was thinking of quitting his job because of all the relational conflict (I know, shocking thought—conflict in a church ☺).

In the midst of all that conflict, I came across a book entitled, Please Understand Me, by Kiersey and Bates, which introduced me to the Myers Briggs Type Inventory® and personality temperaments—and soon, everything changed. All of a sudden, I had a new set of lenses in which to see people and that changed the way I led, dealt with conflict, positioned people, etc. Literally, my entire leadership changed—and the good news is that those same insights can do the same for you

Even Better, Over the Past Eighteen Years I’ve Been Continually Refining Those Insights from the Myers Briggs Temperaments To Specifically Help Leaders Like You Lead More Effectively

And beginning today, I want to make all those insights available to you. In fact, I’ve recently reduced those eighteen years of personality type leadership insights down into a  five CD audio leadership course for you–along with a number of one page cheat sheets that’ll help you to quickly make better decisions with your people.

The program is simply entitled, “How to Lead People Who Don’t Think, Act, and Feel Like You.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn

In CD#1 you’ll learn …

In CD#2 you’ll learn …

In CD#3 you’ll learn …

Bruce’s insights into the Myers Briggs temperaments have not only helped me and my team work better together, they’ve helped me learn how to be a better leader by both realizing that my personality type influences the way I lead and the importance of understanding my team’s temperaments–which is a critical requirement to leading effectively.” Rick Wieczorek, CEO, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union

In CD#4 you’ll learn …

In CD#5 you’ll learn

So, What’s the Investment for This Leadership Course?

When you take a moment and think about what value is of having less  conflict, of using the talent on your team more effectively, of getting more done, of not wasting time hand holding, of increasing productivity, of avoiding making bad hiring (or placement) decisions, and of knowing how to better motivate and work with the people on your team, the value of this information is virtually priceless.

However, that’s not what you’re going to have to invest. Because I want to put this information in the hands of as many leaders as possible (because I really do believe that the success of any business or organization is directly related to the quality and capacity of the senior leaders), I’ve decided to make you an incredible offer for the entire program.

If you’d like to get the digital version of this 5CD program, along with the handbook and cheat sheets, the introductory price is only

$77 (USD)

For the Digital Version

If what you really want is …

Then you really should take advantage of this course. It’s eighteen years of personality type leadership insights rolled into 5 CDs–plus a number of one page cheat sheets that you can quickly access to make better leadership decisions day in and day out.

Don’t Wait! Nothing Changes Until Something Changes!

Plus, your purchase comes with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you don’t think the information contained on these 5 CDs is worth the amount you invested, you can return them at any time within the next three months for a full refund. So, you have nothing to worry about. I’m more than willing to assume all the risk because I’m absolutely confident that what you’ll hear in these 5 CDs (if you apply what you hear) will help you be a better leader of the people on your team who don’t think, act and feel like you.

So, don’t wait. Order now!

For the digital version (only $77)

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